Community Values and Mission

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what we stand for

Our values

To be kind

This value reflects our commitment to compassion. Kindness is at the heart of our interactions, creating a community where everyone feels heard and supported.

To be respectful

This value represents our dedication to dignity and diversity. We respect each other’s differences and strive to maintain a welcoming environment for all members.

To be helpful

This value reflects our spirit of cooperation. Being helpful means actively supporting each other’s efforts and providing practical assistance whenever needed.

To be giving

This value represents our culture of generosity. We believe in sharing our resources and expertise generously to enrich the community and each member’s experience.

To be nurturing

This value reflects our focus on growth and development. We nurture each other’s aspirations and foster an environment that encourages learning and personal advancement.

To be empowering

This value represents our goal of enabling each member to flourish. Empowerment is key to helping members feel confident in their abilities and motivated to pursue their goals.

why this community

Our mission

Our mission is to empower, support, and unite women in the marketing field across Bulgaria by fostering a community where knowledge, ideas, and resources are shared generously. We aim to nurture each member’s personal and professional growth through a supportive network that values kindness, respect, and empowerment. By doing so, we strive to make a meaningful impact not only within our community but also in the broader marketing industry, promoting diversity and inclusion at every level.

~ Women in Marketing – Bulgaria
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