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Co-Founder, CopyVibeS

areas of expertise:

Content marketing, Social media marketing


Sofia, bulgaria


Stanislava Simidchiyska is a Philologist, Journalist and Co-founder of digital content agency CopyVibes.

She started working in media in her second year at the university, when he was only 20 years old. She successfully made her way from intern-editor to editor-in-chief, after which, at the age of 28, together with her husband Konstantin Simidchiyski, she started one of the first agencies in Bulgaria dedicated solely to content.

To date (note: May 2024) CopyVibes is 6 years old and successfully operating both in the Bulgarian and international markets.

On a personal level, Stanislava is a mother, wife and owner of a black cat with the charming name of Avocado-Beyoncé. To this day, Stanislava continues to be fascinated by literature and always tries to have a book or e-reader with her.

It was a natural transition from media to marketing. While working as a journalist, I started getting inquiries about whether I could write articles for a company’s website, or content for its home page, services, or social networks.

As an active writer, I could. That’s how I met content marketing, with which we still have an active relationship today. I adore the power of words, value them immensely and firmly believe in their key role when it comes to visibility and sales.

Marketing has many branches and one has to choose carefully which one to target. Work with heart but also with mind. This is a field that is developing extremely dynamically and the novelties are continuous – be informed, apply them, but do not forget to add a pinch of individuality.

A complex question. Clichéd or not, I always knew I wanted to do some form of writing. That is why I focused on the Bulgarian Philology and Journalism and Media majors at Sofia University. Words have always been a part of me and I have been working with them for years now. The right ones inspire me, bring me satisfaction and motivate me to continue doing what I feel most confident about.

Perhaps the advent of artificial intelligence. Despite the euphoria it caused, it did not result in the agency losing a single client. Even on the contrary – more and more companies started looking for us, needing quality content written by people who have invested years in training and practical experience.

Every customer who has trusted us is a success for us. We are grateful to the companies we have been working with since our foundation, to the new ones and to all the colleagues with whom we write texts for our clients’ sites, prepare video scripts for their social networks and shoot them.

It’s not the key career moments that matter, but the efforts that led to them.
Stanislava Simidchiyska

Thanks to Lazarina Stoyanova for inviting me to join the community! I believe that women should support each other – both professionally and not only. I hope that I will be able to contribute to the development of Women in Marketing – Bulgaria with advice, personal experience, contacts and whatever else is needed.

Video content is something that is hugely popular right now. Our company also offers this service, we don’t just shoot videos, we cover the whole process – ideas, script, shooting, processing and editing, publishing. I follow with interest what kind of videos the audience reacts to, and I am sincerely glad that more and more people are focusing on added value – because I also hope that this is where the future lies.

There is a wonderful quote by Yordan Yovkov, which reads: “The word is a terrible thing, it contains the means of expression of all arts: colors, lines, shapes, sounds, movements – everything, as long as you can handle these riches of it.” I hope my name will be associated with the literary art of marketing, because I sincerely believe that there is a place in it for beautiful, carefully chosen words that leave their mark over time.

I have been reading since I was very young and to this day I continue to find peace in books. I also highly value the Seventh Art, so watching quality movies and series also gives me pleasure. I love the sea and I am most recharged when I am near it, but lately I have also started to find satisfaction in mountain walks, which bring me a different kind of happiness.

Even several, but the most important is that nothing should be at any cost. We should always put our mental and physical health first, so if we find ourselves in a toxic relationship – work or personal – it is of the utmost importance to end it. Nothing is worth as much as health.

Perhaps persistence led to these pivotal moments. The fact that I started working on my specialty at a very young age. The fact that I always wanted to develop and overcome new and new challenges. So that’s my answer – it’s not the key moments that matter, but the efforts that led to them.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Stanislava better.

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